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The Weather Anchored In Us



Curtis Perdue’s debut collection is body-heavy, concerned with the ways teeth and bones and breath commingle with nature and are continuous with it. Each line turns toward new territory of (sometimes brutal, sometimes startling) beauty, sharply shifting in the same way your line of sight alters when on a speedboat that, navigating a small group of islands, makes an abrupt left: “we won’t lay our bodies / in the hands / of money / it’s going to be / an island forever / beating its wings in a field.” The Weather Anchored In Us is simultaneously bruising and soothing: “part propeller, part rock / all water music.” This is a book that will live inside you long after you’ve read it.

– Laura Wetherington


Curtis Perdue’s remarkable revelations—poems built of deft lines and startling images—wrest grace from chaos. His eclectic, electric narrator uses passion, humor, joy, and horror to guide us through our American lore. And who can resist Perdue’s barker? “I’ve witnessed the circus // of dead light / / perform in old hotel rooms // the wind-assaulted palms // rustled a quick // rainsong and we // wrote it down in notes…” Perdue is a heartbreaker…

— Peter Jay Shippy



Curtis Perdue was born and raised in Miami, FL but now lives, surfs, and teaches in Boston, MA with his wife and daughter. He has received fellowships and scholarships from Emerson College, The Key West Literary Seminar, and Squaw Valley Community of Writers. He co-founded and edits the online journal of poetry and art, This is his first full-length collection.