Nate Pritts reading from & talking about Pattern Exhaustion on Vimeo.



“This is the kind of poetry that could keep someone from killing themself. This is the real deal. Read it out loud from front to back in one sitting and you might just remember yourself.” 
-Nick Demske



Read some poetry from the chapbook, or listen while Nate reads it to you, at Ghost Ocean and TENDE RLOIN


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The night after I first read Pattern Exhaustion, I gave birth to a baby riddled with cancer in a dream. This can’t be right I said to the doctor, this baby is too new, there has been no time for a malignancy to grow. “Ahh,” said the doctor, “There’s nothing new under the sun anymore. And there’s no sun either.” And then I awoke with these lines from “The Darkling Thrush” repeating, in the doctor’s voice, in my head: “And every spirit upon earth / Seemed fervourless as I.” …So you see, this is not a normal Nate Pritts book of frenetic exuberance. But its bleakness offers exactly the kind of catharsis I really really need right now and maybe you do too.”

-Darcie Dennigan



PATTERN EXHAUSTION, in a revised form, makes up part of my book POST HUMAN.