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BOOKS >>>  C.S. Carrier.  MANTLE.

102 pages :: 8” x 5”

$14.95 - no shipping!



C.S. Carrier’s Mantle hurls, into the whirring gears of history and
language, love, mythos, divinity, manifest destiny, genealogy, and
faith, the human body becoming a transistor of their writhing
currents: “electrons mashed & applied to [the] mouth.” The four
sections of this collection deploy mantle – cloak, cerebral cortex,
earth stratum – in a prolonged negotiation/interrogation of the
past and the bodied experience of it, as Brother Grammar and
Brother Testosterone mouth promises and threats: “Here’s your
land….And your voice”; “what I wants between her thighs.” This
collection, like “a painted canary tagged with a radiotransmitter”
signals from the mine, warring, warming, in “the dark fertile /
alphabet rarefied.”

Marthe Reed

C.S. Carrier is a poet of the American Deadpan. That is to say, he
carries in his words a long history folding over the silent voices of
tomorrow in complex verse. His work contains within it
Williams, Myles, Whitman, Dickinson, and Tate. It is also his
own voice, gorgeous and wild, stretching forth throughout the
plains like the brilliant lands of words he sings to us. Mantle is a
book that you must read. Upon reading it, I knew that I was in
the midst of a poet who contained multitudes, who with teeth
“sore from the alphabet,” in the name of “Conduit,” could make
Death grow “whitehot.” These poems are brave and important
poems. It is not so much that Carrier is a seer in them, but is a
poet who gives language a reason for being a thing at all. Or more
to say, Carrier is a poet who makes language matter. These poems
matter. Read them.

Dorothea Lasky


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C. S. Carrier’s previous collection, After Dayton, was published by Four Way Books in 2008. His chapbooks include Postcard Feat (Hinchas de Poesia 2010) & Lyric (horse less press 2008).  His poems have appeared in several journals, including 6x6, Horse Less Review & Word For/Word. He has an MFA from the Program for Poets and Writers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He lives in Clarksville, AR & Lafayette, LA, where he’s pursuing a PhD in English at the University of Louisiana Lafayette.