H_NGM_N seeks qualified & energetic people to fill the following positions – to fill them with zeal & vigor & determination!

We ask for a firm commitment of at least 6 months for each position.  Positions are unpaid unless otherwise noted.



eBook Process + Design Specialist - Ability to handle all aspects of working converting various text formats for the various eBook formats.  Experience/past success at conversion is essential & proficient HTML/coding skills is a plus!


Design Interns - We always welcome to opportunity to see the visual/graphics work of designers who may be interested in working with us on specific projects or filling a slot in our bullpen for work that ranges from cover design & interior layout to a range of smaller tweaks / fixes / backburner jobs!


Distribution Coordinator  - Will work to oversee, trouble shoot, maintain & grow all aspects of distribution.  Primarily, this will focus on developing & maintaining relationships directly with small / independent bookstores across the country.


Social Media Wrangler - Successful candidates for this position will understand the voice of H_NGM_N & will approach social media as a conversation.  They will work to manage & grow H_NGM_N’s social media presence(s) by following rules laid down in our Strategy Bible, as well as spearheading new development opportunities, all while putting a unique & distinctive spin on the communication voice.  This position will primarily focus on Facebook development.



A position with H_NGM_N offers experience with a small press recognized by Poets & Writers, the Poetry Foundation, Coldfront & others as one of the most essential & innovative presses operating today.  You will gain far-reaching experience in all aspects of small press publishing, including digital media, marketing & relationship building.

Expected commitment for each position is 3-5 hours per week.


Interested?  Send an email detailing your experience & interest to

editor [at] h-ngm-n [dot] com