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Michael Broder

Today Was All of Life


Someone loved you, someone was lonely in your absence.

Someone mourned the death of a hero.

Someone said a beautiful leaf made him/her happy.

Someone hailed the new day.

Someone grew sick and tired with travail.

Someone found his/her place in the world, then doubted it.


Awed by the scope of the cosmos,

disgusted by the pettiness of mankind,

Someone regretted yesterday and hoped for tomorrow.


Content before a favorite vista,

restless with visions of greener pastures,

Someone spoke mountains.


Verses flowed like rivers from his/her imagination.


And how many songs he/she wished to sing!

And how many men/women he/she wished to love!


And this when he/she not even happy,

           but washed over in turn by grief, apathy, despair.

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