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Evan Commander

Poem for Wednesday


the rogue amusement of last Wednesday is not enough

to withstand what happens tomorrow like someone’s

brother who loves to believe in things you are terrible


with covers my Christopher Reeves song is a weightless

body and scratched the whole time I was in Cincinnati

I thought I had a brain tumor I remember thinking


the cars behind me do not exist yet I closed my eyes

when the world moved around me



I in bed with noises


In Mexico City so lush always above the purr

The tips of lashes flicker like the tips of lakes

A discussion on Earth torn among discussions on Earth

I could stomach the lookers a crowd of bleeders and their

Fallen the thirst of another day’s rain falls away from the slop

The child and the child and the adolescent laugh

Letters fog great washes of snow patterns

Under blankets like sunrooms and into sunrooms

Great merriment the car lights my dear

The all conquers distance and agreements take

Selfish winces the face to see or think or

Move move home move a home to the quiet pleasant

And smoke on chairs and tables of sky and gangs of clouds

A brief white above everywhere wrote the horrible

No stars ever the pavement before a stair before a stair

The modern word idle and whatever is dirt

Small movements on couches like a sort of false wallpaper

Of barns among hallways sun an empty room

How it is to fill the endeavors of some day

Everywhere wrote the horrible again

In the absolute wanting of the parts of others



Red Clay


like all the first lines we wear as paper shoes


here I am at 8:08 p.m. indefinable ample frame


built for a larger man but holding me up


to dig in red clay all hot daylong


my canopy is on sideways in case I tip that way


from sweat weight and pull of humidity


the street is asleep on a mattress of scenery


frozen in a winter of whitish white breathing


under water the sky looks like a person’s skin


I thought you were magic until teenagers beat you up


what insurance do I have


now words are burnt in a forest of red reddish

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