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BOOKS >>>  DREAM VACATION by Cindy St. John

Spring 2016

Dream Vacation by Cindy St. John



If contemporary experimental poetics had its own Facebook account, it might aspire to Cindy St. John’s poetry: missives from a drive-thru carwash, a city bus, a table at a Chili’s, poems for those of us who don’t know the names of the “stars or the constellations or plants” but who “still / believe in so / many things.” Dream Vacation is not an ars poetica, but a testament to the rugged and ridiculous insistence of the poem amidst the din of everything else.



You’re wearing sunglasses and driving through the hills of West Texas with your new best friend, and it’s the height of wildflower season, and Blonde on Blonde is cranked on the radio. Welcome to the dialectic-psychedelic dreamscape of Cindy St John. Dream Vacation is about the act of writing, the active writing of experience, with and within our waking fantasies. Poised, playful, wise, sexy, and surprising, St John’s first full-length collection will seduce you, and there’s no going back.



What is it that makes up a life? What are the things that sustain us? There is something radical about these poems—the way they still allow for beauty and hope in an age of cynicism, the way the poet states directly, “I still / believe in so / many things.” She writes, “This morning I read like 200 poems that make me want to live,” and her own book now provides that life-sustaining force for me and likely many other readers to come.





Cindy St. John is the author of four chapbooks, most recently I Wrote This Poem (Salt Hill). She lives in Austin, TX, where she teaches at a public school and co-curates a reading series called Fun Party.