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8x5 // 108 pages

ISBN 978-0988228757 

We are not born to stake a claim, but to 
claim a stake in each other, to burn alive 
if needed in the pure resurrection of our 
simultaneous decay. We tell ourselves they 
had a choice, that we have a choice, but 
some choices are rolling blackouts, some 
choices are two frayed ends of wire arcing 
reddest electricities between raw, uncoiling 
fingers, some choices are piling sandbags 
with your neighbors as the floodwaters rise, 
some choices are not really choices at all.


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Adam Fell is the author of I Am Not a Pioneer (H_NGM_N Books), winner of the 2011 Posner Best Poetry Book Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers. He lives in Madison, WI where he teaches at Edgewood College and co-curates the Monsters of Poetry Reading Series.